Friday, 25 September 2015

Maine - Monhegan Island

Up, quick breakfast and a 40 minute drive to Port Clyde to catch the 10:30 ferry to Monhegan Island. The office for the tickets also had a gift shop and we all managed to find something while waiting for the boat to finish loading luggage and cargo for the island.
Watching the Laura B come in from the island with just a few passengers
but lots of luggage and cargo.
We were to take the Elizabeth Ann.
Leaving Port Clyde

past the lighthouse

and fishermen emptying their lobster traps. There were thousands of brightly coloured buoys like
poka dots all over the sea.
There was quite an ocean swell but no real waves. I chewed some ginger candies and that was enough to keep my stomach settled. The captain described some of the islands we were passing and within an hour we were docking at Monhegan Island.
A large catamaran in the sheltered anchorage of the harbour.
Goats on the island across the harbour.
We felt we needed sustenance before hiking and all chose blueberry
scones from the little cafĂ© by the ferry dock. 
A short, steep hike took us up to the lighthouse.
The museum in the adjoining building was closed. We were probably
too late in the season.
We continued along a well worn trail to
an overlook with breath taking views of the seaward side of the island.
From this vantage point we could see lobster boats, cormorants and other diving birds and
every now and then a swirl in the water and glimpse of a glistening back was a feeding seal.
We ate lunch here, eating our apples, cheese and chocolate bar while awed by the views and the occasional boom of waves smashing against the rocks below. We had bought a trail map at the ferry dock and opted to continue on a trail beside the coast before heading back to the little town.
This trail was a lot more challenging, often rugged and steep but took us into coves
and back up on to cliffs.

A painter with his easel set up on quite a precarious cliff.
I sat and did a quick sketch of this view and chatted with a woman who was doing the same but in
Most of the buildings were grey cedar shake
and the brightly coloured lobster buoys were a common decoration.

Judy and I chose blueberry scones to end our day while Heather and Don hiked back along the path to find a misplaced camera bag.
A seal emerged in the harbour just below where we were sitting and dove as we scrambled for the cameras
we had put away. I just had time to get this blurry shot of him. Then my camera refused to work anymore
as the SD card was full.
As we boarded the ferry at 4pm the captain said that if no one was in a hurry we would go back by going around the island. Beautiful views of the cliffs we had climbed on and then numerous sightings of porpoises and seals. It was a lovely way to end the trip and as my camera wasn't working I was able to just watch for and enjoy the seals and porpoises rather than trying to capture them.